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Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easily accessible. We have fully embraced Microsoft Power BI as our preferred Business Intelligence tool and we are among the pioneers in Kenya offering Power BI to businesses. Invent Consulting Limited has implemented and conducted training to mid and strategic level managers on Microsoft Power B.I. Our B.I implementation process is affordable, fast and scalable, allowing businesses to gradually adopt business intelligence into their decision making process.

Microsoft Power BI is a fast growing product and our customers who have implemented Power B.I. in Kenya already have a competitive edge by gaining a new perspective on their existing data and interpreting previously existing reports using modern tools.

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Business Intelligence Case Study

Our team recently completed a business intelligence project based on Microsoft Power BI for an insurance company operating in Kenya and across 4 other countries in East Africa. We implemented Microsoft Power B.I. since most users were already familiar with other Microsoft Products thus making user adoption and training easier. This project has allowed the business to seal loopholes, invest in the right areas and visualize their business in ways which were not available in traditional reporting.